Mud and Bugs!

Today some of us chose to go and explore our mud kitchen area! It was very muddy and wet but it was great fun! We looked at all the flower pots and beds, and decided we would like to grow some things in them. When we looked at the plants pots we found lots of bugs that made us squeal! We also found some beautiful daffodils that we decided we would like to look at. We didn’t want to pick them though as they looked lovely where they were and brightened up the mud kitchen.

We then got the pots and pans out and in our kitchen we made lots and lots of soup. Cabbage and onion was the most popular! Yuck!

Rhyming pants!

Today when we came into our classroom we found it had been covered in a load of pants with words written on them. The aliens had taken them off the washing line and played with them and they had got all mixed up! We had to put the rhyming pants back onto the correct washing line. Before we hung them up we got to put a pair of pants on our head, and do the pants dance! It was great fun and we were very good at finding rhyming words.

Aliens spotted over Lings Primary!

Today we read the story Aliens Love Underpants. We loved the aliens and their different pants!

We then looked at some pictures of different aliens, and we came up with lots of words to describe them. We decided aliens were stinky, squishy, wobbly, green and had ginormous eyes, and that’s just a few of our ideas. We will use these descriptions to help us write our own poem about an alien this week.

We also had a go at making our own pants for the aliens. We were very creative and made some great pants!

Then Miss Battams showed us a video. She had spotted something outside! It was a spaceship over our school! We all got so excited but we hope it isn’t aliens coming to steal our underpants!

What Does Space Ice Cream Taste Like?

Today we took a look at some of the foods that astronauts can eat in space. We watched a video about an astronaut eating cake and drinking coffee, and we looked at the types of food they can eat.

Next we guessed what some items of food were. We looked at lots of dried foods including, mango, apple, banana, strawberry, soup and noodles. We then passed around a mystery package and guessed what was inside. We had some great guesses such as cracker, biscuits and crisp but it was actually dry mint chocolate chip ice cream!

As a reward for our hard work and great guesses we got to eat some earth ice cream and we talked about how it was different to the space ice cream. It was very yummy and much colder, softer and stickier!

We then got to taste some of the foods we had looked at and we had to write a sentence or word to describe what the food looked or tasted like. We had some great descriptions! We liked some of the food but we weren’t as keen on the rest. The space ice cream and mango were our favourites!

Life in space.

Today we looked at how people live aboard the International Space Station. We learnt that some things are just like at home, for example brushing teeth but some things are very different like going to the toilet! We really enjoyed seeing the things floating around in the space station. Things don’t float around like that in our homes!

Tomorrow we will be looking at the kinds of foods people can eat in space. We might even get to try a few!

We also spent some time decorating our planets all by ourselves. They’re looking great!

World Book Day.

We celebrated world book day by dressing up as a character from our favourite book. We had lots of different characters including the big bad wolf, Goldilocks, Mr Bump and Peter Pan.

We shared a story in the afternoon with a teacher from a different class. We had a great day!

What is your favourite book?

Exploring the Snow!

We went outside for five minutes to explore the snow. We talked about what it felt like, looked like and how our bodies feel when we go out in the cold.

We came back inside and warmed ourselves up with a nice hot chocolate. We came up with a list of things we can do to look after ourselves when the weather is cold. We had some great ideas and some great knowledge.

How much rocket fuel do we need?

In maths today we have been looking at capacity. We had to measure the right amount of rocket fuel to make our rockets go to space. We had to make our test tubes empty, half full and full using special rocket fuel. We then had to mix the two fuels together to make a special fuel mix and we watched some magic happen! Our rocket fuels changed colour! We were all very excited to use the science equipment and we did some great measuring.

Solar System Explorers!

This morning we have been exploring the solar system. We looked at all the planets we have in our solar system and we placed them in order of their distance from the sun. We looked at the size differences between the planets and talked about whether they were hot or cold. We then had a go at making the planets orbit around the sun.