Off On About Space Adventure!

Today we began our exploration of space. We shared our existing knowledge of space and came up with some lists of things we might find if we visited space. Some of us had some great ideas and were able to name some of the planets.

In maths we created rockets using 2D shapes. We talked about the shapes we had used, and then wrote the countdown from 20-0 to blast our rockets into space.

We also used the iPads to explore space and discover more of what we would see in space. We used this information to create our own space scenes. Our pictures were out of this world!

We began to read a story called The Sea of Tranquility. It is about a young boy who loves learning about space, but he is most fascinated by the moon and hopes to go there one day. We left the story with the little boy in bed dreaming. What do you think happens in the little boys dream! We will find out tomorrow!

Dinosaur detectives!

This morning when we Came into class we found some giant footprints! We guessed they belonged to a dinosaur! We decided the dinosaur was looking for its egg and the baby. 

We had to write down all the descriptive clues we could find so we could find out what the dinosaur looked like. We thought about where the dinosaur could be hiding and we tried to write a sentence. 

How big is a dinosaur? 

This morning we talked about how big dinosaurs are. Our challenge was to use lots of different words to describe the dinosaurs size. 

Our first job was to make a tall dinosaur shape and then a short dinosaur shape.

We then used our talk partners to decide how we could describe the dinosaurs. We wrote our ideas down and placed them next to the dinosaur we were describing.

Miss Battams then described a dinosaur using one of our new words describing size. We had to listen carefully and then identify the correct dinosaur.

Outdoor fun

With the weather being very lovely today we spent lots of time outdoors. We played in the water and explored how we could move the water along the pipes. We also had a go at using the sound pipes to makes some noises by swinging them around. We learnt how we can use pipes to make our voices travel and we had lots of fun using the pipe telephones. We also made some gigantic dinosaur paintings by working together. We used different types of brushes and rollers to create some interesting effects and new colours. We had a great day outdoors! 

Looking after the rabbits. 

This week our class have volunteered to look after the rabbits. We have to let them out in the morning and check they have food and drink. We also have to check their house is clean. At the end of the day we have to put them away to keep them safe. Each group is looking after the rabbits on one day this week so we all get a turn. Max and Cookie are very cute and we got to have cuddles too! 

What’s in the egg?

This morning we discovered a giant egg had been left in a nest in the classroom. The egg has hatched and there is nothing inside! Who does the egg belong to? Where has it come from? What was inside? We wrote our ideas down on our post it note and we left them on the nest. We shared our ideas with the rest of the class.