Our trip to the farm.

Reception 2 went on their trip to Glebe Farm today. We met Gwyneth and farmer Wendy who gave us a tour of the farm. We looked at the different wildlife and things that live in the trees and hedges. We then made our own clover caterpillars. We went to visit the animals around the farm, and were lucky enough to see some calves that were less than 24 hours old. We got to throw our leftover apples to the pigs. We listened to them chewing and crunching and they ate them all up! We visited the sheep and their lambs and we felt how warm their woollen fleeces are.

Farmer Wendy showed us some of the crops that are grown on the farm, and we learnt about some of the products they are turned into. We then had a go at making our own flour. We had to use the mill to grind the wheat. It was hard work!
After lunch we got to have a ride in the tractor and trailer. We went around the farm and out to the fields. It was great fun and very bumpy! We also had a go at making our own peg scarecrow. We are going to put them on display in our classroom as they are so fantastic!

We all had a brilliant day and behaved very well. What was your favourite part of the trip to the farm? Can you leave  a comment to share with your class?

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    • Feeding the pigs was great fun! The children really enjoyed being able to throw their left over apples into the pig pen.

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