A tour of Bologna.

This afternoon we had a walking tour of Bologna. We learnt all about the history of the city and looked at some amazing buildings. We were able to go inside some very beautiful old churches.

After our walk we went out for dinner and we ate the biggest pizzas ever! They were so big they didn’t fit on the plate and they were bigger than our heads! They were very yummy! 

We’ve had another brilliant day and learnt so much. We can’t wait to share it with you. But we’d like to share another challenge with you first. 

If you could make your own pizza, what would you choose to go on top? Can you draw or create your pizza to show us when we get back to school? 

5 thoughts on “A tour of Bologna.

  1. Hi, everyone is missing you here are some more questions for you.
    Grace- how was the pizza.
    Lacy- Are you having a great time in Itally.
    Rohuan- where are the children?
    Reece- how is your day in Italy?
    Josie-rae how many teachers are there?
    Enjoy the rest of your visit.
    Mrs Brookes is exhausted!!

    • Hello everybody! We are having an amazing time here in Italy! We are missing you all lots! The pizza was absolutely amazing but impossible to eat all of it! It was ginormous! There are lots of children here but when we go to see the schools we are not normally allowed to take their photographs. But all the children are very happy and like their schools. I think they have lots of fun everyday! There are normally two teachers in the classroom. One in the morning then a different one in the afternoon. The littlest children have to lie down and have a sleep in a special bed in their classrooms everyday!
      Looking forward to seeing you all soon. And don’t make Mrs Brookes too exhausted!

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