Animal Antics!

This half term we are learning about animals. We started by talking about pets and we read the story Dear Zoo. We wrote letters to the zoo telling them which animal we would like as a pet and why.

We used the iPads and books to learn lots of new facts about sea creatures and we wrote down our favourite one. Did you know a flying fish can jump for 3 metres! We had a try at jumping that far but we couldn’t do it.

We then looked at how some of the creatures under the sea move. Miss Battams put on some funny hats and we had a go at moving like that creature.

We then talked about the Rainbow Fish. We learnt that the rainbow fish’ most precious possessions were his sparkly scales. He shared them with us and we talked about what our most special or precious thing was, and we shared our ideas with the Rainbow fish.

Back in class we then worked together to create large artworks featuring creatures that live under the sea.

We have been worked very hard and have had lots of fun so far this week.

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