What Does Space Ice Cream Taste Like?

Today we took a look at some of the foods that astronauts can eat in space. We watched a video about an astronaut eating cake and drinking coffee, and we looked at the types of food they can eat.

Next we guessed what some items of food were. We looked at lots of dried foods including, mango, apple, banana, strawberry, soup and noodles. We then passed around a mystery package and guessed what was inside. We had some great guesses such as cracker, biscuits and crisp but it was actually dry mint chocolate chip ice cream!

As a reward for our hard work and great guesses we got to eat some earth ice cream and we talked about how it was different to the space ice cream. It was very yummy and much colder, softer and stickier!

We then got to taste some of the foods we had looked at and we had to write a sentence or word to describe what the food looked or tasted like. We had some great descriptions! We liked some of the food but we weren’t as keen on the rest. The space ice cream and mango were our favourites!

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