Jack and the Beanstalk

We have been learning all about Jack and the Beanstalk. We looked at how tall the magic beans Jack was given might grow, and we had a beanstalk grow in our classroom. But this week the giant came to visit! He left us a picnic for us to share and he left us some large and small objects for us to look at and compare. We got to share a cake that the giant left us as a reward for solving his maths problem. It was a giant Jammy Dodger and it was yummy! We have also created our own beanstalk pictures and described the castle that we could see at the top.

We learnt to talk like giants and learnt about using alliteration. We had great fun shouting out Fi Fi Fo Fum and stomping around like a fierce giant.imageimageimageimageimageimageimage

Can you remember any of the sentences you have written to describe the giant?

Our trip to the farm.

Reception 2 went on their trip to Glebe Farm today. We met Gwyneth and farmer Wendy who gave us a tour of the farm. We looked at the different wildlife and things that live in the trees and hedges. We then made our own clover caterpillars. We went to visit the animals around the farm, and were lucky enough to see some calves that were less than 24 hours old. We got to throw our leftover apples to the pigs. We listened to them chewing and crunching and they ate them all up! We visited the sheep and their lambs and we felt how warm their woollen fleeces are.

Farmer Wendy showed us some of the crops that are grown on the farm, and we learnt about some of the products they are turned into. We then had a go at making our own flour. We had to use the mill to grind the wheat. It was hard work!
After lunch we got to have a ride in the tractor and trailer. We went around the farm and out to the fields. It was great fun and very bumpy! We also had a go at making our own peg scarecrow. We are going to put them on display in our classroom as they are so fantastic!

We all had a brilliant day and behaved very well. What was your favourite part of the trip to the farm? Can you leave  a comment to share with your class?

image image

A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

We have been very busy looking at a Midsummer Nights Dream since we returned to school after Christmas. The fairies who live in the wood have transformed our classroom, and created our own mysterious woodland.  We have met Puck the fairy who has taught us how to call him to visit, how to say a fairy hello and some magic words to use to help us all be fairies in school. We also had a visit from Miles from the Royal Shakespeare Company who helped us learn more about the stories and the characters. It was a very exciting morning and we all had a lot of fun! We have now created our own fairy characters and we have our own fairy names. What will this week bring? Will there be more mischievous behaviour from Puck? Will the fairies set us more challenges? 




Our Nativity.

We are so proud of how well all of our children sang and performed in our Nativity today. A big thank you to all the parents who came along to support us and provided the fabulous costumes. You should all be very proud of your children! 


Fun with the Police.

Today we had a visit from two of our local PCSO’s, Steve and Steve. They brought a police van and a motorbike to school for us to look at. We were allowed to go inside the police van and got to sit in the prisoner section at the back. They put the sirens and lights on for us and the sirens were so loud! Our visitors then came into our classrooms and we asked them questions about what it was like to work for the Police. We really enjoyed our visit and hope they will come back again soon. 


Our trip to the bakery.

On Monday and Tuesday our Reception classes went to the bakery at Tesco. We all had to put on funny baker hats before we could go into the bakery. Inside the bakery we met Barry the baker. We learnt all about how the bread, cakes and cookies are made, we saw the big mixers and ovens and we even got to walk inside the big freezer! We were all very well behaved and had a fantastic time!  


The Gingerbread Man

This week we have been looking at the story of the Gingerbread Man. This morning we practised using subtraction. We used Gingerbread men and cubes to help us count. We all had a really good go and challenged ourselves to work out how many Gingerbread men had been eaten. 



Our trip to Sywell Country Park.

On Monday and Tuesday our Reception classes went to Sywell Country Park. We had lots of fun looking at the reservoir and visiting the ducks and geese. We also got to visit both of the play parks. We climbed on different equipment, we swang on the swings and whizzed down the slides. We went into the woodland park where we went through tunnels, found the woodland creatures and balanced on the wood trail. We had a great time and really set the standard with our behaviour.  


Who’s been sneaking in our classroom?

Baby bear is still in our classroom and we have been having lots of fun sharing his books with him. This morning he showed us all the ‘b’ things he keeps in his bag. We left him in the reading den with them at playtime, but when we came back in….. Somebody had been sneaking around in our classroom and had taken all of the things from baby bears bag! We looked around for clues and found some muddy footprints,  a girls shoe, a ribbon and some blonde hair. Who could they belong too? We decided it must have been Goldilocks who had taken them! Baby bear was very sad but we agreed to help him find his ‘b’ things in our phonics lesson after lunch. We hunted together and we found them all! Baby bear was happy again! So happy that he shared his favourite Bourbon biscuits with us to say thank you! 

We hope Goldilocks doesn’t come back…!