What’s that noise!

We were sitting on the carpet and suddenly Miss Battams heard a noise. It sounded like somebody crying and it was coming from the cupboard! She opened it carefully and inside was a baby bear! He was sad! He shared his favourite story with us and it cheered him up. Baby bear liked our classroom so much he asked if he could stay. We tucked him in to sleep in our new reading den. We are looking forward to showing him our class tomorrow! 

Welcome back!

We had such a busy first day back in Reception! We had a go at seeing if we could roll pumpkins to our friends, and we measured how big they were. Next we did PE with Mr Wolmarans, and it was great fun seeing if we could work hard enough and complete challenges to get on his ‘Roll of Honour’!

We also had a go at making Autumn sculptures to decorate our classroom and we shared some of our home learning projects. We got three ‘wow’ points for sharing our hard work.  


A quick reminder.

We hope you have all had a lovely half term week and had lots of fun! 

Just a quick reminder that we are due back in school on Tuesday 3rd of November. Please can all children bring their PE kits in on this day, as we are having PE on Tuesday with Mr Wolmarans. We look forward to seeing you all again, and are really excited to see all the seasonal artwork you have made for your home learning.

Spooky dancing and Kinetic letters.

Our dance session this morning was a special one based around Halloween. We all became creepy characters to explore a spooky castle. Some of us really got into character!  

In the afternoon we had a go at kinetic letters. This method of learning helps us strengthen our muscles in our fingers and wrists, and this can help us to improve our handwriting and letter formation. We had lots of fun lying on our tummies to practise our writing! 



Our noisy day! 

We have been using our ears today to investigate the sounds around us. We listened to some noisy poems and really enjoyed joining in with the Ning Nang Nong. We also listened to some different instruments and described the noises they made. In the outdoor classroom we listened to the sounds we could hear, and we tried to write a label for each noise. We stuck them everywhere as there were so many sounds around us! We did a really good job of listening! 



Number fun!

In Reception today we have done lots of work with numbers and counting. We looked at written numbers to see if we could recognise them, we ordered the numbers up to 10 and we counted the number of beats played on instruments. Outside we counted how many skittles we could knock over and how many goals we could score and wrote the numbers. We also counted jumps along a number line, counted the number of steps we could take on stilts and the number of pedals to make the bikes move. It’s been a number-tastic day! 

Patterns and sorting.

Today in Reception we have been doing lots of work on making repeated patterns. We had a go at making our own patterns using lots of resources, thinking about object type, colours and sizes. We also tried to make sound patterns with our voices, which was lots of fun making many different noises. We are becoming repeated pattern experts!

In the outdoor classroom we collected lots of natural objects and sorted them into groups. We looked at sorting by size, type and colour. We then had a go at recording our ideas on some big paper. We had lots of fun! 


Well done Reception! 

We are really proud of how our Reception classes have settled into life at Lings Primary. Today their good behaviour was rewarded with the announcement in assembly, that the Reception classes have won this weeks behaviour award! Well done to everybody! Let’s keep on setting the standard! 

Riding our bikes in PE. 

Today Mr Wolmarans taught Our PE lesson. We used a story about getting a new bike for our birthday to help us move. We made our bodies move in different ways to show how we were riding our imaginary bikes, and the fantastic tricks that we could do with them. We all worked very hard and had lots of fun!