Our trip to Tesco.

Today Reception went on our first class trip. We visited Tesco and took part in their Farm to Fork experience. We were shown around the store by a lady called Lucy, and we looked for pieces of fruit and vegetables that were the same colour as the colours of the rainbow. The adults helped us to record our answers. We then went to a special room where we could try some different foods. We tasted Beetroot, Carrot, Pepper and Pineapple. We were given some fruits to take back to school, and a goody bag each. We were so amazing that Lucy telephoned the school to let them know how well behaved and fantastic we had been. We really did all set the standard!   

What can you smell? 

Today in Reception we were smelling lots of different things and guessing what they might be. We talked about which smells we liked and disliked. We smelt chives, lemon, onion, strawberry, mint and orange. Some of us were very good at guessing what the smells might be. 


Making Patterns.

Today in Reception we looked at repeated patterns. We looked at patterns using colours, body movements and patterns we could make by using ourselves such as boy, girl, boy, girl in a line. We had a go at making our own patterns using the resources in the classroom and with finger paints. It was lots of fun!  



Today in reception we have started to look at some of our sounds. We were listening to the initial sound of  some pictures, and trying to sort them into the correct sound group.



PE kits in Reception.

Can we kindly remind parents and carers that all children in reception require a PE kit. This consists of a plain white t-shirt, black shorts and a pair of trainers. PE kits can be left on your childs peg until you wish to take them home and wash them. Thanks from the Reception team.

Our busy day!

On Friday morning our Reception classes had a visit from Mr Wolmarans which was lots of fun. We then had our weekly dance lesson learning about moving our bodies in different ways. We also played a guessing game with the face plate portraits we had made. We were very busy, but we had lots of fun!  


Out and About.

This week our children have begun to explore our exciting outdoor classroom. We have been testing out our bikes and using lots of the new outdoor physical resources. It’s been great fun and we also got to put on our wellies and have a splash in a big puddle!